• The Panda Security Summit 2020 will present the keys to dealing with the 5 largest corporate cybersecurity challenges at a moment when cyberattacks are fifth on the list of global risks.
  • On June 18, IFEMA Municipal Palace will be the meeting point for over 1,000 tech professionals from the leading companies and institutions in Europ.
  • #PASS2020 cements its place as one of the unmissable dates in the cybersecurity calendar, in the same year that Panda Security celebrates three decades of innovation, technology, challenges, and evolution, all of which have now also been applied to Cytomic, the business unit for Enterprise.

The Panda Security Summit (#PASS2020), organized by Panda Security for the third year running, is an advanced cybersecurity event. It is the European meeting point for all IT professionals, where analysts, SOCs, clients and service providers will analyze cybersecurity strategies and trends to help you boost your company’s protection.

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Cytomic, unit of Panda, highlights the importance of presenting the 5 Big Cybersecurity Challenges to IT experts so that they can hear first hand from leading professionals in the sector how to deal with them. All of this at a time when cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to monetize the data they manage to steal. Cybercrime has developed an ecosystem that uses advanced technologies, new, even specifically crafted tools to access, steal, share, and sell information taken from large corporations.

“Over the previous year, we’ve seen how large enterprises have suffered data breaches that have caused them not only reputational damage, but also serious economic losses.  This means that corporate cybersecurity must become a key pillar in the fight to ensure that these events don’t happen,” states María Campos, VP of Cytomic. “As a response, at Cytomic, we provide a unique technology-service binary for large organizations. The great value of this binary lies it its layers of service that we offer to customers. In these layers, the protection of personal data is one of the key elements.” She concludes reminding us that Threats are just one of the challenges that must be resolved.

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The details will be revealed in a total of 6 conferences, 4 workshops, and over 1,000 professionals from all over the world in attendance. All of this makes the Panda Security Summit an unmissable event for the CISOs, CIOs, and heads of cybersecurity of the most important European institutions.

Coinciding with this annual cybersecurity event is the celebration of Panda Security’s 30th anniversary. Three decades of protection in which we’ve accompanied our customers and partners with advanced solutions, managed services, an innovative vision, and truly ingenious people. And we want you to be part of our party!

Find out more about the Panda Security Summit 2020 on the event website, and register now! Join us in the IFEMA Municipal Palace on June 18, and discover the most innovative and effective ideas, the latest breakthroughs, and the insights and tips to help you protect your company.

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